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Make no mistake, trying new things is scary.

Venturing into the unknown is guaranteed to leave you filled with fear.

After the initial glamor of pursuing something new, what you’re left with is a sense that it is all about to crash down on you.

That is scary on every level.

Your fear impacts how you spend your money, who you ask for help, and a thousand other important decisions you make each day.

In truth, there is no sure way to ever really getting rid of fear.

If you’re going to work and try and care and improve, then you’re opening yourself up to a new and scary future.

Here is what is important to remember as you continue down this path.

The only thing that beats back fear is activity.

Taking action is the greatest antidote you have to the poisoning paralysis caused by fear.

Sweat works. Pursuit works. Revolution works. Challenge works.

Not thinking or worrying or obsessing — those are the ingredients that catalyze fear into the death trap that it often becomes.

When you’re feeling scared, double down on your effort.

When you feel fear swallowing you up, get busy doing things that matter.

Work so hard you don’t have time to be afraid.

Don’t let your thoughts rob you of your destiny. Press on.

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