Taking criticism from other people is hard. 

Whether it’s a skeptic who is especially unbelieving, a critic who faults your best intentions, or even a friend who tells you how they really feel — you aren’t happy to be judged by others. 

It just doesn’t seem fair. Even when you come up short, you don’t want to hear about it.

You don’t want to be reminded about it.

After all, you’re the one who put in the painful effort to try. Not the person judging you. They didn’t do anything except play it safe and poke at you from the sidelines.

You know it. You’re thinking it. If they are such an expert in the first place why don’t they achieve this success they judge you for not achieving?

In truth, criticism will always be painful.

Despite the fact that you know that being coached and cajoled has the opportunity to make you a higher performer, it’s not an experience you’ll ever be completely comfortable with.

Which is why you need to remind yourself of the stakes.

You are not playing just to try something new. You are not attempting greatness in the hopes that you’ll get lucky.

You are striking out in this bold, new direction because you believe passionately that you are destined for greater things.

Believe that your life is too big to keep living small.

So work through it. Take the best parts of all the feedback and criticism sent your way and own them.

The rest of the criticism is probably hyperbole and malice. Don’t let that hatred blind you to the truth hidden in every kernel of critique.

It doesn’t matter the spirit of the criticism.

Neither do the intentions of the person directing the criticism at you.

What does matter is that you never stop being open to improving. What does matter is that you never stop moving towards where you want to be.

That’s your grind. That’s your focus. That is what matters.

It’s never easy to be judged. But that doesn’t change the fact that you need to stay busy heading towards where you want to be.

You’re living your life. Not theirs. You’re working towards your goal. Not theirs. You’re fighting for your breakthrough. Not theirs.

So pull yourself back together. Dust yourself off.

And set about pointing yourself back in the direction of greatness.

After all, the best revenge is success.

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