Miriam Slozberg

Any business needs communication with its target audience. In the condition of today’s increased relevance of technological reality, marketing landscape has been significantly impacted as a result of which social media marketing has acquired a more emphasized importance.

This is quite natural, if we consider the huge amount of time that an average person spends on this or that social media platform, so, from the perspective of a business owner, it becomes a fatal mistake not to take the advantage of the focused attention for the benefit of his own business.

Meanwhile, social media marketing is a frequently growing and changing atmosphere, which includes a number of technologies, tools, methods meant to the promotion and raise of awareness on the brand-all of which are subject to modifications or rapid retirement.
Accepting the challenge of our times, below we suggest some innovative tips and strategies to boost your social media engagement.

1. Deliver personalized information– Traditionally, under social media we have been understanding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., but not Facebook messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp or Viber, while the number of users of the letters is not fewer. Thing seem to change now. It is trending to send some information on the sales, rendered services, organization of projects via messages and this proves to be effective as many people prefer personal, direct communication to indirectly sent information, as in this case they have the opportunity to ask their questions immediately and get answers from the ‘first hand’.

2. Increased use of Chabots– Chabots are automated built in systems that are able to answer questions sent by the clients due to the artificial intelligence, without direct human interaction. These systems enable interested personalities to know the answer of their question within minutes-24 hours a day, without letting them understand that they were not interacting with a human being. In addition, this, doubtless, is a huge advantage for any customer. It should be mentioned that the number of chatbots in messenger is increasing very fast and meanwhile, the quality of the systems is constantly improving as well.

3. Use Live videos– Offering content on real time is another milestone that social media has reached and now it can be referred to as one of the biggest trend of the social media world. First introduced by Twitter’s Periscope, live streaming is currently available on Facebook and Instagram as well. This innovation enables users to follow this or that event on real time, offering the raw, unedited material. The greatest advantage that we see here, is the increase of one-on-one interaction, i.e. the user may express its opinion on the topic and be sure that his voice was listenable.
From Social media marketing’s perspective, this hits two targets at once: first increases the engagement of the users, and second, which is a direct consequence of the first, it boosts the organic reach of the page(both due to the engagement and video content priority set in the forming of the news feed)

All the above-mentioned innovations are great to be implemented into your social media platforms, still there are some “always-in-fashion” tips that should be always considered while implementing these innovations:

1. Make sure that you are providing quality content- no matter it be delivered via live videos, personalized messages or simple publications. This the ultimate way to keep your readers interested, engaged and making them return to you.

2. Mind timing! Research and understand the best time for publications in accordance with the needs of your readers. Usually, people are more active on social media in the evening, after the working day.

3. Use keyword hashtags to gather together more like-minded people.

4. Be attentive to any comment/message received from your followers. Make them feel that they are very important for you.

5. Understand the needs of your social network and do your best to cover their preferences.

Now, you know what innovative strategies and how should you implement. We urge you hurry up to use the innovations until they are not dated!

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