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I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my show with Cam. We talk about many different topics touching on American history & culture from a very personal perspective – as Cam remembers them – such as

  • Civil Rights
  • Student Riots
  • Reds Under Your Beds
  • McCarthy
  • Moon Landing
  • Flower Power
  • Adoption
  • Alcoholism
  • Her Family
  • Personal Illness
  • Florida & Alabama
  • Fuel prices
  • US – UK perspectives

Cam you are a superstar – thank you for sharing

Cam has her own show on the Linked Local Network – you can find her here

Cam has been an entrepreneur for over 35 years and owns Oliver Consulting Group, a business consulting, public relations and media relations firm at She is also a professional speaker and published author. Her book can be found at

I learner hugely from our personal chat – how a perception from learning history on the TV maybe gives a headline view of what happened in the past – this type of learning does not give you the personal detail & personal feelings of how events are actually experienced by us all.

Now of course I did know this! It clearly highlights for me how our world is even more complex than I ever appreciated.

That on the one hand we have to simplify what we recognise around us because otherwise our heads would be hurting all the time.

On the other hand we become complicit in actions taken on our behalf by not asking for them to be stopped – we become blasé – I am particularly referring to the Vietnam war.

When we watch the news or documentaries we tend to simplify & say oh well that is what that country wants so all the people there want it to.  Clearly this is not the case.

I can cite the march of nearly million people across the UK on one day before we sent our troops to Iraq. Government chose one path – the majority wished for something else.

The conclusion to this post then is clearly aimed at politicians – not soldiers & military personnel who are following orders & serving in the name of us.

Politicians why are you still not listening to the people YOU serve? The people that vote for you?

Except of course in election year when you then also promise us the earth.

In these difficult times where people are losing their jobs, industries are changing, technology is confusing many of us & many are struggling to feed their families & pay the bills……

Wake up Government! Wake up politicians! Recognise if you truly want to be remembered in the history books – have a lasting positive legacy that you need to free up what we can do – stop spending billions on ridiculous projects & allow us to be grown ups – let us make our own decisions – instead of treating us like children & you the pretend caring parent.

We perceive you as the evil aunt or uncle squandering our inheritance – certainly squandering our children’s future – mortgaged already with huge debt created by a regulatory system & legislature that didn’t work when it was needed most. Managing our complex systems in overly simplified ways.

I implore you to listen because otherwise circumstances are going to creep up on you that will make you change. I don’t know what they are all I see is our improved connectivity & globalised population recognising the games that you’ve played in the past – we can see through you!

Why aren’t we working together more – recognising each other more  – creating communities that are more cohesive, more supportive that allow for more fun?


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