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2014 02 06 2128 300x180 Klouts Definition of Influence is Going Beyond the Score

At one time, not all that long ago really Klout based your influence only on your score. This had understandably angered a lot of people. How can you possibly measure influence based only on a numerical value? You can’t really. And I have said this all along- the score by itself is an indicator that you are engaging and active on your social media networks. However, the influence really lies within the kind of content you share, and how much reception it receives- and how interactive you are as well. Sadly a lot of people have found ways to artificially raise their Klout scores (or gaming) just for the sake of it by constantly dishing out irrelevant content, and buying followers and fake interaction. Klout has been working on methods to squash those who consistently game the system. However, those who really wanted to increase their scores this way always found a method to do so.

The good news is, Klout is starting to find ways on how to determine users who are truly influential on their networks in their chosen niches which goes beyond just the score in itself. You now have the ability within Klout’s system to create and share compelling, informative and relevant content so that your audience is always engaged and seeing you as the influential one in your niche(s).

Within your dashboard you will see content that you can share on currently, Facebook and Twitter that is relevant to any of your topics of influence. You also have the ability to add a thumbs up or down to the content so Klout can get an idea of what suits you or not. This way, Klout’s algorithm will find through your actions and interests to only send you content that is relevant to you. You also have the ability to schedule out posts from Klout’s dashboard if you find there is a lot of content you would like to share- which you should never do all at once. This way you can spread it out over time. More about the new Klout will be covered in the video. I knew all along that Klout would keep evolving and I do like where they are going!

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