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Alternatives to the Web DJ

For those of you have apple products ipad or iphone, you can use izicast. The website is This will allow you to broadcast from an iphone or ipad. I do NOT  Iphone or an Ipad so I have not tested this software.

I have been able to configure MIXXXv2.31 to broadcast thru KPHRED and it works reasonably well. The voice thru capability is a bit scratchy but once Jeff Norris uploads the audio post processor we should have even better audio,

I attempted to use Radio DJ. I was able to install the mysql database and install and configure RadioDJ to play music. The problem I ran into was that you still need a third party encoder to stream to the KPHRED Icecast server.  At that point I gave up since installing and configuring 3 apps just wasn’t worth it.

Another alternative to the WebDJ applet is BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool) I have used this software in the past and it is doable especially if you are only attempting to broadcast voice. It is bare bones.

Thanks to Jeff Norris for getting many Azuracast rolling release updates installed. If you know anyone who needs internet/web hosting Jeff’s company TCG Solutions can handle the job. I know I’ve worked with him for the past couple of years.

Be sure to update the photos on your web dj account and also create a playlist/podcast for your show if you haven’t.

Everyone needs to create 4 audio commercials. We will be adding these commercials to the playlists and I would like everyone to play at least 1 commercial from every other show during their broadcasts. Assuming you record the commercial as a video first and then strip the audio. we can release the various video commercials across the various social media profiles associated with KPHRED/Linked Local Network.

I’ve started the social media profile page. I’ve added some of the Facebook profiles. More to follow. Please like, join, share from this page






June 13, 2024 Pre-launch News

I had started the station registration assuming it would take a couple of days to process. The Get Me Radio registration was playing KPHRED audio within a couple of minutes. I was blown away the system told me that Alexa, apple rv and android rv and firestick and ROKU would take a couple of hours.






My Roku TV when I loaded the Get Me Radio APP tonight






This is the show page on ROKU. Love the QR code.

I didn’t think it would happen so fast across so many platforms…which will hear Saturday’s launch event…if you have any of the above mentioned devices please search for the get me radio app

When I went to the KPHRED page on


Then I scrolled down to see the Facebook integration

I saw at count of 4 listeners just from the initial posting

Sorry, only logged-in users can access the forum.

June 12, 2024 Pre-launch news



Ways To Listen on Apps

Enable the Get Me Radio! Skill from here and say… “Alexa, ask Get Me Radio! to play KPHRED Radio”
Download the Get Me Radio! Android App from here and search for KPHRED Radio on our Mobile App.
Download the Get Me Radio! iOS App from here and search for KPHRED Radio on our Mobile App.
Download the Get Me Radio! Roku TV App from here and then search for KPHRED Radio.
Download the Get Me Radio! Fire TV App from here and then search for KPHRED Radio.
Download the Get Me Radio! Android TV App from here and then search for KPHRED Radio.
Download the Get Me Radio! Apple TV App from here and then search for KPHRED Radio.

Kphred Updates – June 7, 2024

GO LIVE DATE is June 15th. Same meeting link, please on by 12:00p CST. We take the station live with KPHRED Prime at 12:30p CST. 

I will be interviewing each show host about their upcoming shows and bring out any info about you, your show goals and guests. We are working on improving the post production live audio processing. Its been great being with the grandkids. Greg Markelz will be going with me when we talk to KAPY.  Kudos to Frances for bring a new show on the mortgage industry. If you haven’t like the new KPHRED Facebook page please do. Also, please send me your social links to add, I will do more updates next week. Book some time with me on mu calendar at



Past Kphred Updates – May 23, 2024

Hi All. Last Saturday it was voted that we go live with KPHRED on Saturday, June 1 at 10:30a PST.

The plan is that we will go live during the Saturday training class. Each person will have a chance to talk about their upcoming show.

This past week I had a call from a representative of KAPY FM 104.9 out of Seattle. They are interested in broadcasting some of our shows. I told them I was interested but that I had to speak with all of the show hosts. I want to discuss this topic with everyone this Saturday. Also I was told that Genesis Communications out of Minnesota works with a couple of thousand small radio stations across the US. Genesis is looking for audio content to broadcast. So if we can get into 1 station we could get into 1000’s of radio stations.

Would you want to have your content heard across the US?

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