There really isn’t much you can accomplish in life if you’re not willing to work hard.

Effort isn’t just the great equalizer, it’s the cornerstone on which all greatness is built.

Accomplishing goals takes time and energy. No one else is going to do your work for you.

Most people aren’t even going to do their own work. To do yours is absurd.

Which is why you need a mindset of activity.

You need to be constantly thinking about what needs to be done.

How can you be more efficient? What could you do to accomplish more by optimizing how you spend your day?

There are those who are always getting ready to get started. Those people are never successful. They have the same big plans that you do. They just don’t put in the effort to achieve progress and build momentum.

What makes hard work such a powerful weapon is that so few willingly engage in it.

Hard work is often viewed as what you do if you’re not smart.

It’s supposedly the result of not getting a college degree or what you do if you have an hourly job.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Spartans of old spent years developing skills for combat that many warriors would never actually use in real battle. They trained, prepared, ate right, and sacrificed entertainment in pursuit of their ideals. 

According to historians of the day, their focus and hard work seemed like overkill to the rest of the Grecian Empire who openly mocked them: “Why put in so much work when life is so good?”

Those questions were answered at the Battle of Thermopylae.

They held off the greatest army in the known world for 3 days, changing the course of the war and Western Civilization.=

The hard work of those 300 warriors was validated by their results and their place is forever in our history.

It might seem like what you are doing doesn’t matter. Put in the work. Let history decide the rest.

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