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Linked Local Network – Fred McMurray

Fred McMurray is a champion of social media for B2B companies, CEO of Linked Local Network – a source for resources, awareness, traffic and connections. CTO of Mediavine Marketing, a social media marketing company in the Chicagoland area with a global clientele. Fred’s mission is to provide a digital platform for online communities to connect via social media networks to the local offline community – leading to new relationships, increased support systems and shared resources. Fred is always happy to discuss the best films of Fred MacMurray. His motto is Link locally, Connect Globally.

Fred is an Entrepreneur, speaker and platform blogger on social media topics for small business. Fred has co-developed the Digital Dominance Index Methodology for measuring the growth of a digital/social media presence. In addition, he was an early adopter of LinkedIn in 2003 and has worked on developing models for the development and growth of social media groups. The networks he has developed have grown to over 1,500,000 connections. In 2010, he co-founded the Linked Local Radio Network which has grown from 1 weekly show to 11 weekly shows with hosts from around the US and EU. He continues advanced research in the development of syndication peer networks for small/mid sized business and non-profits. Equally at home designing software solutions, trouble-shooting computer networks or building online community networks, Fred understands the technology needs of small to medium-sized organizations.  Inc Magazine listed Fred McMurray has Twitter Social Media Influencer for 2013-2014.

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