There are so many wise old sayings out there that are powerful – and that can also trigger many of my clients.  One of them is when one door closes another door opens.  It is a true statement.  It can be a powerful to believe.  It can give hope.

It can also be angering when the time between the one door closing and the other door opening is long and drawn out seeming like an eternity with no end.  It is frustrating to be in that dark hallway between what was known and is now gone, and what exciting new opportunity is on the horizon but has not yet materialized.  It is a difficult time especially when the transitional time revolves around one’s job.  There are added stressors of financial stability and self-worth.

Has a guiding dream lost its spark?

Has once inspiring work begun to feel stale?

Does your work or your life feel too small for what you are becoming?

Have you found yourself forced into a time of career transition?

Do you dream of work that is more true, more vital and more fully you?

Is what is next for your professionally unclear?

Rikk Hansen

Rikk Hansen

Join The Empowerment Show on November 19th 6pm CST when out guest is one of the nation’s leading mid-career renewal experts, Rikk Hansen.  Rikk will talk about that dark place of questioning, confusion, and the unknown, and how to move into a new success map for what is next.

This is a terrific episode for anyone who is re-evaluating their career, who has been thrown into a job search, or who is exploring the idea of being an entrepreneur.  Learn how to navigate that dark hallway, tune into the truth of what is next for you, and, as Rikk says, become your Brilliant Next.

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