Miriam Slozberg

I actually wrote an article similar to the one I am about to write about comparing Klout to Steemit this morning.

Klout today is pretty much dead. It had potential to become something huge but once the ownership changed, so did Klout and not for the better. If you remember, as long as you were active and engaging on social media- that increased your Klout score and you were thought to be more influential online. It did work for a while. You were rewarded with perks (although Canadians didn’t receive very good perks from what I remember and I had a Klout score of 80 at the time). You were more likely to be hired for marketing jobs if you had a high Klout score. Customer service even took you more seriously if you had a high Klout score. I kid you not. I ended up with more social media clients when my score was up. However, because of the changes that Klout went through a few years ago, no one really cares about it today.

When it did matter, you had to consistently stay active and interactive. You needed to consistently share quality content on social media. You were noticed more if you had a high Klout score. If you interacted with others with lower Klout scores, you helped them raise theirs while your’s wasn’t affected. You also got extra Klout if others with higher scores interacted with you. Today Klout does not matter. However, Steemit does.

Last week I wrote a post about Steemit. This is a new blogging platform that pays you in cryptocurrency if you are active and engaging. I still am learning a lot about cryptocurrency, however you can convert it to cash if you want once you have earned enough. You are rewarded in Steemit the same way you were rewarded with Klout. If you are consistently sharing quality content at least once a day, and commenting on other users, and upvoting their content- you earn money. Your reputation score also increases. I started off at 25, and now it’s 38. It’s still low, but it’s going in the right direction. I still have a lot to learn with how to be successful on this platform. But I am getting the hang of it, and it’s all reminding me of what I needed to do in order to achieve a high Klout score.

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