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Never assume that other people are as passionate about you being as successful as you are. They aren’t.

Never assume that your problems are the result of anyone else’s decision. They aren’t.

Never assume that you can fix a hard situation with an easy answer. You can’t.

Never assume that what used to work well will work well in the future. It won’t.

Never assume that people are specifically out to get you. They aren’t.

Never assume that ignoring your problems will make them go away. It won’t.

Never assume that you won’t be able to achieve a result that no one else has. You can.

Never assume that you’ve reached your full potential in life. You haven’t.

Never assume that a problem is too big or a challenge too scary to fix. It’s not.

Never assume that other people’s opinions about you are facts. They’re not.

Never assume that another day is a better day to do what needs to be done today. It won’t be.

Never assume that your situation is any tougher than anyone else around you. It’s not.

Never assume you’re not tough enough to do whatever it takes to achieve success. You are.

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