The only one who really cares about your excuse is you.

No one else really understands the reason or has a reason to care about the reason why you aren’t where you want to be.

No one else is really concerned about the explanation behind your failure.

It’s just you.

You’re busy trying to let everyone know all the important history behind why you are where you are right now. You’re busy defending and championing.

But all of that is a waste of your time. Because no one cares about the reason why you’re not successful.

They just know that you’re not. They see it. They hear it. They feel it.

All that time you’re spending trying to give your side of the story — that’s just a waste of your time.

You could be spending that time and focus on working through the challenges holding you back from being successful.

You could be fighting for your future.

It makes sense that you want people to know why you’re not where you want to be. You want them to understand your journey. You feel your pain. To know that you are trying.

That’s just not important. It’s your journey.

Your battle. Your struggle. And your reward. You win or lose based on your own performance.

Just know that no one really cares about your excuse except for you.

Everyone else is busy trying to win. Maybe you should be too.

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