Overcoming Challenges with a Fighting Spirit - Paul Delger on The Empowerment Show

Sometimes our challenges seem insurmountable.  Between a tyrannical boss, needy children, and inattentive spouse we feel like we have daily battles to fight.  However these are all external battles.  What if our battle was with our own body?

Imagine being born with cerebral palsy and being restricted in the use of the right side of your body.  Imagine the physical challenges that would come from that ailment.  Then imagine the social stigma, especially as a child, you would receive.  Imagine the challenge of finding a job and being able to function in your position. 

These are all challenges Paul Delger faced and overcame.  Paul has battled these difficulties with a strong faith in God, a strong will and a sense of humor.  Paul now speaks to groups to motivate people to face their challenges with a fighting spirit.  Join us on Tuesday December 3rd to learn about Paul’s “fighting spirit” and how you can awaken your own.  Everything can be overcome.

Listen live or to the replay here.

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