social media Pay Attention to these 7 Predictions in Social Media for 2014

I actually had shared this article earlier this morning on the 7 predictions in social media for 2014 that I had found on Social Media Today. It is definitely worth a read and one thing that I do see happening is the rise in social media advertising. We already have been familiar with Facebook ads for a while. However Twitter is now doing the same by promoting your chosen tweets on feeds of those who fall into your target market. It is a sure way to attract high quality followers, as well as customers and clients for your business. I am definitely going to give this a go.

Another prediction noted that definitely caught my eye was social influence rewarding. Even though Klout has had it’s challenges over the past year especially, those who do not take it seriously are going to be missing out in many ways. Other than the fact that your Klout score is looked at by many employers if you are indeed looking for a job, owners of magazines who are looking to feature influential writers, those who are running seminars looking for influential speakers, being taken more seriously by customer service, the list goes on- it won’t be long that online influencers will be paid to promote products and services. The easiest way to determine what kind of online presence someone has is their Klout score. For those who do not see a point in Klout now may see it much differently in a year from now when this does indeed start happening.

7 Hot Predictions For Social Media in 2014 We are coming to the end of 2013, which is a scary thought considering I remember last New Year’s Eve like it was yesterday! Social media has been THE hot topic for 2013 and I can’t see that changing. Here are […]

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