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This week I had the honor of working with a local networking group.  Together we uncovered the group’s personal brand.  There are so many networking groups out there, this group wanted to stand out.  They wanted to really promote what made them special.  The key to finding what made them special was getting to the heart of the group.  We did this by identifying Who, What, How, and Why.

Who do they serve?  Not everyone, but those people they truly relate to; their tribe if you will.

What do they provide?  Not just networking but those value-added, what’s in it for me benefits.

How do they do it?  What are they ways they provide what they provide?

Why do they do it?  What is their mission?  What is their heart?

This is the process I took the network group through to find their authentic voice.  There is a similar process I use to when I am working with a client who is looking for their career or to start a new business.  We start from within and identify their unique authentic self and build forward from there.

Joie Gharrity

Joie Gharrity

Join me on The Empowerment Show September 24th when Joie Gharrity founder of No. 113 Branding.  She integrates her techniques and strategic branding vision with both the creative and business sides of the entertainment

industry for her clients. Her techniques and strategies gain them greater influence and higher levels of success along with more confidence in their personal and professional lives.


Are you in sales?  Do you have your own business?  Are you looking to differentiate yourself in your job?  Do you feel you don’t know who you are?  Listen below to learn more about personal branding and how it can help you personally and professionally.

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