Poverty is a state of mind.

What you think about most is who you are  — and what you achieve.

Wealth is how everyone else knows what you have been thinking about. It’s the end result.

In business, we call this a “trailing indicator.” The very last alert you’ll see.

Being broke isn’t a state of mind. It’s a state of reality.

Failing isn’t a state of mind. It’s a moment in time.

Even what other people think of as success, like money and fame and fun, isn’t a state of mind. It’s just a current status.

Don’t confuse where you are in life right now with getting to where you want to be.

Don’t be so discouraged that you start thinking that just because you haven’t done it, you’re never going to do it.

If you give up on yourself in your mind, your results will always lead to disappointment and failure.

Ever wonder why so many people who win many millions of dollars playing the lottery lose it all so quickly?

It’s not about the money. It’s about their mindset.

They were poor before they won the lottery. And they end up poor despite all the money.

All their friends and family thought they were rich. Even they themselves thought they were rich.

But they were broke. Not because of the size of their bank account, but because of the size of their belief.

All the wealth and fame and success you want for yourself is the product of your mental wealth. Measured by what you’ve learned. Multiplied by the inspiration you consume.

  1. Read a book about the life story of someone you have always admired. Take time to let their journey and struggles sink in.
  2. Join a mastermind group of people you think are out of your league. Listen, learn, and grow from your experience with them.
  3. Cut-out divisive talk radio programs and biased daily news from your routine. It’s okay to be clueless about the opinions of negative people.

There is no single, guaranteed path to success.

But there is one guaranteed way you will end up failing. To have a poor mind. To think only about what other people can see about you on the outside.

If poverty is a state of mind, what is your true net worth?

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