As President Obama was announced for his State of the Union message last night and I saw the blue tie, I remarked that he will probably be proposing conciliatory actions. Instead it was much more a “I will do this” and “I will take steps without legislation … “

As Sun-Times Columnist Lynn Sweet wrote: “Obama and his team have been using a ‘pen and phone’ slogan, shorthand for the stepped-up use of executive orders and administrative actions.”

President Bush set the trend for blue ties, wearing them with a dark suit for five of his State of the Union addresses. When he left office, fashion experts predicted that fashion trend would come to an end.

It did not. President Obama has worn blue several times (one time experts thought it was a light purple {lilac?}).

Sky blue sends a message of serenity, peace, and desire to engender trust. Red, which President Obama wore at the 2012 Sate of the Union address, connotes a dynamic, powerful feeling that politicians often embrace.

It’s interesting to speculate why he wore blue and whether his imaging advisors played a hand in choosing it.


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