When you feel like giving up, do it tomorrow. When you have finally decided that you’ve done all you can do, and make the call to quit — put it off until tomorrow. 

Wanting to quit isn’t something that’s ever going to go away. 

The harder you struggle and the bigger your goals, the more you’re going to feel the overwhelming pressure to quit. 

No matter how tough you are, life is tougher. 

Only the toughest of the Navy soldiers make it into SEAL training. You have to be the best-of-the-best just to apply. You have to be mentally tough and physically rough — a strong body and mind. 

Out of these warriors, only a handful make it past a few days.

More than 80% of them quit. They ring out. Walk away from SEAL training. The toughest fighting men on the planet. And most of them decide to quit. 

So it’s no wonder that you think about the exact, same thing. 

You can’t help it. Life comes at you in painfully unpredictable ways. At the worst possible times, you are tested and tried. 

Your emotions are wrecked. Your will to win is pushed beyond your limits. You look around you and ask yourself if anything you’re doing matters.  

Will anyone notice if you just decide to walk away?

Those feelings are natural and universal. We all get scared and tired. 

You won’t avoid those thoughts. You can’t always avoid the circumstances that drive those feelings. 

You can decide your response. You can talk yourself through the pain and frustration you’re feeling.

Tell yourself you’re going to quit tomorrow. We just need to get through today. A few more hours. A bit more agony. You can make it. 

You can do whatever needs to be done. Especially if you know that there is hope right around the corner. Especially if you know that your suffering is soon to be a thing of the past. 

Quit tomorrow. Make it through today. Whatever it takes.

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