You may be asking yourself, “What is a magician doing on The Empowerment Show?” The answer is that Joe Diamond’s magic empowers us to open our minds, awareness, and sixth sense.

Joe’s brand of magic blends technique with showmanship, but his special ingredient is a touch of intuition. During performances he reads minds, pulls intimate details about a person just by holding one of their items, and uses audience members to guide him using only his sixth sense. And he has done amazing things. While blindfolded he has completed a corn maze, found a coin in a movie, and found a coin in a cemetery where he then proceeded to “read” the gravestone. 

He likes to call his brand of magic “paranormal” because it is outside the normal, but it is not supernatural or extra-natural. What Joe does is use genuine intuition to tune into his audience so he can gather information from them. He is quick to say that he does not talk to the dead or commune with any spirits, but does receive guidance from another source. An ability we can all utilize with some awareness and practice.

Awareness, or lack thereof, also plays an important part in his and most magic. When we are focused on the facts or the main event, we often miss out on what is happening during transitions. In our lives by being more aware, we can see those things we often miss and may be more important than where we are focusing.

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, watching Joe perform can encourage you to question what you see, what you believe, and what is possible.

Open your mind and listen to the lively discussion with Joe Diamond Paranormal Magician below. Then be sure to check out his website or see him live in Chicago.


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