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Segueway to Success

Join us at Segueway to Success Thursday at 3 pm (CT) Dedicated to helping privately owned business people survive and thrive in the new-normal business climate.
Business partners Tom Kuchan and Brent Hamachek, principals of the 13 year old consulting company Segueway Solutions, will be sharing our experiences and conclusions as to what has changed and what is on the horizon for the small and middle market business community.
In addition to our own experience, we will bring in a parade of guests who are entrepreneurs, business managers or service professionals who work with privately held companies to share their thoughts and ideas.

This program will not be a tired re-hashing of the “seven principles of this” or the “eight steps to that”. This program will be built on the premise that since the financial collapse in 2008, and with the additions of new policies, regulations, behaviors and leadership, the American economy has undergone fundamental changes that will not quickly or necessarily reverse simply because there is an uptick in economic performance.

Brent E. Hamachek spent the first 15 years of his professional life in banking, working in 6 different sectors including audit, credit and 9 years as a commercial banker.

After commercial banking, Brent formed Segueway Solutions in 2000 in order to assist privately held companies in transition. To date, he has worked in 40 different industries and has served in the capacity of CEO, CFO & EVP Sales for clients. Brent is a sought after consultant, speaker and trainer offering national and foreign expertise to clients.
Segueway Solutions – ph: (847) 778-9474 Email:



Tom Kuchan


Tom Kuchan is a proven leader in global business expansion and effectiveness, risk management, finance and operations with experience in both Fortune 50 and entrepreneurial environments. He has a proven record of defining strategic objectives, translating them into operational tasks, and leading their implementation in diverse geographies and cultures across the globe.
Tom has lived overseas for over twenty years, including Switzerland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates, and has worked extensively across Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
Segueway Solutions – ph: (847) 778-9474


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