We are Second City.  We wear the title with pride.

Sometimes you do not want to be first.  We gladly let Boston have a greater snow accumulation last week while we had our fifth largest snowfall ever recorded in the Second City.

Most of the city was still wondering where the plows were and how they were going to get out of their house or their cars out of their garages.  I had one mug of coffee before grabbing the trash


knocking off enough snow so when I lifted the lid on one of my broad shoulders to get the bag in I did not dump snow all over myself and headed around the corner.


Intrepid souls were beginning to make ruts in the snow so I moved on around the next corner and down to The Six Corners.  There I encountered Marc who had cleared a nice three foot path on the Cicero side of the Klee.  Six Corners needs thirty like him.  A little talk but he has to finish and get the Milwaukee side done and I need my second mug of coffee.

At City News Cafe I am greeted as Ran Doll by our friend who wishes to be known as Portage Hat.


I tell her that I would like a mug of French coffee.  She tells me the French are not growing coffee these days.  I tell her I mean French Roast.  She says she knows but does not budge.  I look at the dark roast options and ask for the one called City News.  This type of exchange is what I call Chicago Friendly.  The coffee taste like French roast to my Texan taste buds.

Coffee and humane human interaction is what I came for so I drink my coffee and we talk about the snow, truffles and soup.

The snow you have seen and I will show you more later.



Champagne truffles are Cheryl’s favorite but she does not make those but as she has gotten more into making many kinds she has made a dark chocolate covered white ganash truffle that we enjoy.  On this day she has a peach one she would like me to try but my taste buds are not set for sweets right then.

There are other things I might enjoy on another day and likely have.


Very nice teas and an already mixed spiced Chai.


An assortment of oatmeals.


More truffles and hot cocoa.


An assortment of baked goods and biscotti.

All wonderful and sure to delight all ages.

Oh, soup, today she has made green chili soup and wants to know if I would like to try some.  Green Chili before ten am?  Sure!!!  Texas, no beans conversation is had.  Chili is very nice and has the proper components to make my scalp sweat.


So properly fortified I have two more stops through the snow to make.

Thank you Portage Hat!!!


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