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I had an excellent opportunity to interview a fascinating guest today on Getting Social with Miriam named Brenda Pearce who is a RN. On the show, I have been talking about lately how much of a stressful world we live in nowadays. People are overall anxious, tense and unhealthy. Thankfully, this major issue that so many of us face is acknowledged and as a result, there are a lot of healers who have the objective of helping to minimize this sickness so many of us have.

It was when hitting emotional rock bottom and holding the threads of her family together that Brenda experienced the life changing event of hands on healing. Releasing all fears and anxieties in that 5 minute session has awakened a passion to assist others in achieving that level of peace and wellbeing.

A Registered Nurse working in the healthcare sector, this event was a catapulting experience which has evolved her understanding of health and well being beyond the realm of western medicine. She has come to see the benefits of this truly holistic approach in assisting humanity to achieve their fullest potential. This spills over into other forms of well being, wealth and prosperity.

Brenda uses Distance Reiki and other modalities to help people all over the world to achieve relaxation and peace. Breaking the pain/fear/anxiety triangle by raising their vibrational frequency allows people the opportunity to reduce the stress of the life journey, and opens them up to greater possibilities. She is also a well respected telesummit host and radio personality on the Dream Visions 7 Radio Network and on the syndicated “News For The Soul”.

Brenda is proof that rising from great despair is not a limitation on the heights of passion for life that she and anyone can achieve in their life purpose. Brenda is also featured in Inner Circle Chronicles – 12 Intuitive Women Leaders of the New Economy Forming Lives & Business With Soul & Spirit by Anne Deidre who is an intuitive business coach.

The books will be in promotion and we are looking for reviews and testimonials during this time and they are planning a best seller debut on Amazon in September. At this time Brenda is offering a very special opportunity to purchase the book directly from her and $1 from the sale of each book will be going to Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario in memory of her son. This is a give back to the hospital for the care he received during his life there.

You can order the book here

Be sure to go to Brenda’s network The Healthy Wealthy Evolution, and has a new site coming soon as well. Stay tuned for that! Here is the link to the show.

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