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Getting Social With Miriam 12 Noon CST1 300x137 Spreading the Influence with Business and Tech Coach Ronnie Tsunami

RonnieTsunami QLG Spreading the Influence with Business and Tech Coach Ronnie Tsunami

Another exciting episode today on Getting Social with Miriam, the co-creator of Social Influence University was my guest on today’s show, Ronnie Tsunami.

Ronnie is a popular speaker, learning solutions architect, and founder of the Coaching Business Academy (CBA), which specializes in helping coaches to build and manage their businesses through training programs designed by coaches…for coaches. Ronnie has spent over 20 years in the training and education industry, and his business and technology programs have been implemented in over 10,000 academic institutions and enterprise organizations around the world such as Microsoft, Time Warner Cable, the US Air Force, the City of Charlotte, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, UPS and many more. Ronnie also runs The KISS of TECH: How to Embrace Technology and Grow Your Business is a unique technology training program designed specifically for women in business to be able to learn and socialize in a relaxed setting.

On my show we talked about how entrepreneurs handle evolving technology. We covered the fact that many are terrified of it, because of naturally being fearful of change and not having the time to learn it- and many don’t realize they can stress less about it by outsourcing a project that requires knowledge of some kind of technology to those who specialize in it. For instance, I may be a social media and SEO manager and consultant. However, when it comes to graphic design, or web design or anything along those lines, I am clueless and don’t want to learn any of it. If I have a website issue that needs help, I don’t bother learning how to fix it myself unless it appears to be something very simple. Usually I will hire a specialist to fix the issue while I can carry on with the tasks that I am meant to do. An vice versa. I know of many web designers who just can’t be bothered with SEO or social media, and send their clients’ work or their work that involve SEO or social media off to me. It was a great show and a lot was covered in regards to how business owners can handle evolving technology.

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