Miriam Slozberg Guest Spreading the Influence with Carly Alyssa Thorne

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Today was another awesome episode of Getting Social with Miriam. My guest was the amazing life, business and spiritual coach- not to mention my incredible mentor, Carly Alyssa Thorne. Carly lives her live to Empower and Inspire others. Carly is passionate about Conscious Business Transformations & Entertainment of the Mind, Body, Business & Spirit, as it is all interconnected. Carly’s Personal and Business Coaching teaches the blending and bridging of the East and the West in a grounded practical applicable way.

I also had the pleasure of co-writing 2 ebooks with her as well, Straight Talk About Klout and Social Media Influence, and Straight Talk Who-What-Why-When-How Etiquette. The show today was in fact about why many business owners shy away from social media and how not making the most of it is detrimental to business in the long run.

In fact, I want to point out something that happens quite often. You come across a highly successful business owner, who is making a tonne of money and think to yourself that because he or she must have a gigantic network in order to be extremely successful like that. However, once you look at his or her social media profiles, you are absolutely stunned that this individual has virtually no online presence. Then you wonder how this business owner is doing so well since he or she is non existent online since you are well aware how crucial it is to have an online presence in this day and age. You even tell the business owner that you will follow him or her on Twitter and like his or her page on Facebook. The reply you get is something like “well you can do that however I don’t need social media and don’t see the use in it, it is a waste of time and my business strictly comes from networks I have created a while back from going to events etc”. Here is the thing. Networking at live events will always have its place. They have been and will always be a great way to connect you to potential customers or clients. However, if you are relying mostly on that method in addition to traditional advertising, it will only get you so far. In the nearer future, your successful days will end if you are not creating a strong social media presence. Clients and customers that you will meet are going to expect you to have a social media presence. If they don’t expect that from you now, they will very soon. Social media is becoming more and more prevalent in this day and age and is in reality a lifeline to any business. You can listen to the podcast below.

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