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It was another great episode of Getting Social with Miriam. Before I talk about my guest that I had today- I would like to touch up on something very important. If you were to hire a professional to do something for you, and you were not happy with the service- not because the job preformed was not well done. It was because you were treated like a number. It was a cold experience for you. And even though the job itself may have been well done, you came away feeling like the professional you had hired did not care about you other than the fact that you had hired him or her for the job. What are the odds of you hiring that person again? If I was the customer or client, I know I would look elsewhere for the future. I would look elsewhere for a professional who can do a good quality job and treat me much better than just a number. Today, my guest is Deb Brown who is the founder of Touch Your Client’s Heart, a client appreciation company. In her personal assistant business, Deb Brown consistently made her clients say, “Wow!” As a result, colleagues started asking her how to do that in their own businesses. Deb takes great joy in making people feel special. She understands how to reach people in a very personalized way. Touch Your Client’s Heart believes the key to client retention and word of mouth referrals is as simple as client appreciation gifts, but it must be done the right way. Listen to the podcast right here.

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