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Getting Social With Miriam 12 Noon CST1 300x137 Spreading the Influence with Dr. Robyn Benson

13 Robyn Spreading the Influence with Dr. Robyn Benson

Today on Getting Social with Miriam, I interviewed another fascinating guest, Robyn Benson. Robyn is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, is a visionary who has inspired people the world over to embody the principles of self-care in order to achieve optimal, sustainable and radiant health.

For twenty two years of professional experience, while specializing in pain management, women’s health and family medicine, she has touched the lives of thousands. Robyn is the founder of Santa Fe Soul, which is home to over twenty-five different practitioners offering a wide range of holistic and preventative healthcare modalities. She has also founded the Santa Fe Soul Foundation whose mission is to provide access to holistic and complementary healthcare through grants and participatory healing opportunities.

Today, Robyn is dedicated to building what she calls her legacy – a movement called the Self-Care Revolution™ aka The Institute for Self-Care. It offers a vibrant community of leading experts that provide cutting edge guidance for optimal health and self-care. This movement presents a powerful, new perspective that can change the face of healthcare. The Self-Care Revolution™ is an important part of a massive shift in modern healthcare. Robyn is currently working on her book The Healthy Travelers Guide: 7 Pathways to Conscious and Extraordinary Travel. While continuing to lead the evolution of the Self-Care Revolution™ she is also celebrating the publication of the first 12 books of the Self-Care Revolution™

Robyn was discussing how so many of us today are living in a stressful world, and as a result are much sicker than those who lived their lives 50 years ago, even 30 years ago. It is a fact that there is more pressure in life nowadays. Back in the day, and I am talking about even 30 years ago.. life was simpler overall. For instance, a lot of the time it was not a problem for the father to be the main breadwinner and the mother to not worry about working, and she took care of the house and kids. Today, unless the father or mother is making a mint, a joint income is necessary in order to survive. The issue with that, with both parents working, children are not getting all of their needs met and this creates many family and school related problems. Because of this high stress life that people are living, they are less happy, more uptight and are dealing with health problems. Robyn discussed methods on how to stay healthy in a fast pace and more stressful world.

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