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Hormones Square RGB Spreading the Influence with Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen

Miriam Slozberg Guest 300x200 Spreading the Influence with Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen

Today on Getting Social with Miriam, Dr Stephanie Zgraggen was interviewed and this particular episode was geared towards women. Dr. Stephanie is a nationally published author and leading expert in women’s health. She has been in private practice for over a decade helping thousands of women.

While in college, she struggled with debilitating menstrual cycle pain and her cycle became so bad at times, that she would be stuck in her house for days unable to go to school, work, or enjoy her social life.

It wasn’t until she learned how to balance her hormones naturally, that she was able to get her life back!

As a result of the step by step system she created she now has more energy, joy and her period no longer rules her world! She decided to empower other women on how they too could transform their lives and incorporate nutrition, supplements, and positive lifestyle choices.

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