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business portrait 2013 200x300 Spreading the Influence with Emily Levy


Miriam Slozberg Guest 300x200 Spreading the Influence with Emily Levy

On today’s episode of Getting Social with Miriam, the topics of technology and entrepreneurs finding the right niche was discussed. Many entrepreneurs who are not all that tech savvy have tried to build their own websites for their businesses, perhaps they do it for not having to spend on web design or maybe they want to create their own website because it is for their own business.Yet, they find themselves struggling to make it right, even when it comes to creating websites through platforms that make it easy. They become frustrated and possibly even afraid of technology because they realize that in today’s world, in order for your business to make it, keeping up with todays technology is a reality. My guest today, Emily Levy was on the podcast to provide some insightful information.

Emily Levy helps therapists, coaches, consultants, holistic health practitioners, and other self-employed professionals use the power of the internet to build their clientele and serve their clients online.
Emily is tech genie for online events (teleseminars and webinars), email lists, online group programs, and WordPress websites. She specializes in working with women whose intelligence is focused on their passions, professions, and personal lives, and who don’t feel comfortable with online technology.

Emily is an expert at explaining complex concepts in “plain English” and encourages clients to be gentle with themselves about not knowing things they simply haven’t learned yet. She offers creative done-for-you and done-with-you options as well as consulting, coaching, and training.

Listen to the podcast here.

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