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I had an awesome guest today on Getting Social with Miriam. Before I get into who it was, I want to add that many business owners are struggling to make even a little bit of a profit and I can understand their pain. I have definitely been there. Heck we all have. Due to their struggles, they become filled with doubts and angst. As a result, the vicious cycle of working hard and surviving continues, and that ends up bringing in a lot of frustration and unhappiness. It is a huge self esteem killer. My guest who I had on today, Felicia Streeter, helps women entrepreneurs and couples in business succeed by shifting your money mindset to increasing your income, accelerating your results, and having more awesome clients to make your business thrive. She’s all about being the Visionary and Thinking Bigger and how everything flows seamlessly in your business.

She will embrace you where you are, educated you on her proved systems, and empower you to achieve your freedom day goals. She’s about putting the fun back in your business by showing you how to achieve what you desire most: more time, freedom, and money.

She focuses on cash flow, so that you have outrageous success and live a “ Richer Life,” but more importantly for those still in a job you get to “Dear Boss, I Quit!” She’s a teacher, author, speaker, leading expert, and maverick on money and mindset.

Felicia is known for her powerful, energetic, engaging, and authentic speaker style and her ability to make everyone in the audience feel as she’s speaking directly to them. She consistently delivers practical, compelling, and inspiring messages that engage, uplift, and empower everyone to dream bigger, play a bigger game, and make their business thrive.

Felicia’s passion is sharing her knowledge and lessons learned with entrepreneurs like the strategies she used to take her business from $23,000 to over $7,000,000 in 18 months! She now teaches women entrepreneurs how to clear the crap and move past the breakthrough and transition so that they make more money, and are more fulfilled, thrilled, and fabulous in the business of their dreams that effects every other part of their live so that they feel better and are happier.

Felicia has a MBA in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, and degrees in Management and Accounting all from Davenport University. Her experience includes 15+ years entrepreneurship and 10 years as a military spouse traveling in the US and abroad while developing and teach business programs. She is uniquely qualified to develop programs and teach entrepreneurs on growing their business and making it thrive.

Felicia has been married to Freddie for 24 years. She’s a mother of four, 2 boys 2 girls, with a granddaughter and grandson, and 2 dogs VJ and Scruffi.

Felicia is author of Quarter Back Without Touching the Ball, Finding Inner Peace: a Journey to Mastering Your Inner Game, soon to be released Get Rich Chick, and co-author of Entrepreneur Extraordinaireall.

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