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Kevin Snow s1 Spreading the Influence with Kevin Snow

Miriam Slozberg Guest 300x200 Spreading the Influence with Kevin Snow

I had another great episode of Getting Social with Miriam, except for one little complication. Mercury is in retrograde right now meaning a lot of technical issues are going to come up, and one major issue came up today towards the end of the podcast. I had lost my connection while my guest was speaking and I was unable to get back in. Very strange experience however, I believed that because the nature of the discussion was intense- energetically it may have shut the line down. Before I go into what the podcast was about, I want to bring something important up.

It is absolutely disturbing when you are living the life of your dreams and then something tragic occurs, then it ends up taking it away from you. Or if you have a dream you are working on making true, and something comes into the way to stop it from happening- it is very disheartening to say the least. Unfortunately it does happen, however my guest that I had today, Kevin Snow would say fortunately it does happen. Kevin spoke about how opportunities opened up for him after a life altering incident.

Kevin’s successful career a commercial photographer was cut short by a nearly fatal car accident in the early 90s. In the search to find healing from this car accident Kevin discovered his true life passion for working in the healing arts. Kevin has recently completed a lifelong goal of achieving a Bachelors degree in psychology and is currently pursuing a masters degree in counseling. Kevin holds certificates in clinical Hypnotherapy, life coaching, reflexology, and is a Reiki master teacher and Shamanic practitioner. The focus of Kevin’s work is to help the client achieve clarity in all aspects of their life and integrating their physical mental emotional and spiritual bodies. As a Shamanic practitioner Kevin focuses on three aspects of healing: divination, extraction and soul retrieval. Working with Kevin will return you to Full-Spectrum Vitality so you can truly live the life you were meant to live.

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