More and more women are taking the leap and starting their own business.  It could be a brand new idea, a franchise, a direct sales business, or some other configuration but women are stepping out from the “My Girl Friday” role and into being their own boss.  It is amazingly powerful and inspirational to watch and witness.  But it is also uncharted territory for so many.

For so long the world of business has been a man’s world, the old boys’ network if you will.  As more and more women are stepping into leading roles in business there is a great need to find support, education, and camaraderie from those going through the same thing.  Personally I host a Small Business Empowerment Group to help individuals through the ups and downs and ins and outs of business ownership.  It is open to all people no matter of gender or business.  It is a great and powerful group, but it does not do for women what B.I.G. does.

Believe Inspire GrowB.I.G. stands for Believe Inspire Grow and this networking group for women does just that.  There are elements of the traditional networking group and there is the potential for building strong power partners.  But B.I.G. is more than that.  There is a very strong educational component to the group.  This is not solely a lead generation group.  B.I.G. focuses on growing the knowledge and talents of women business owners.  It is a strong nurturing environment where women can learn, grow, share, support, and brainstorm with other women.

Learn more about his unique group on Tuesday October 29th when The Empowerment Show is joined by Vickie Anderson, B.I.G. Chicago Regional Leader and Hoffman Estates Pod Leader, and Diane Beaulieu, Carol Stream Pod Leader.  Hear first-hand experiences of these two business owners and learn how the B.I.G. concept has help them and the other women business owners in their group.

Here is a glimpse.

Listen to the full show here.

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