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by Tamara Leigh, Host of Tamara Leigh's TREND ON show LIVE every Wed. at 10:00am (CST) on the Linked Local Network & Founder of Tamara Leigh, LLC, A Communications Expertise Company Follow on twitter @tamaraleighllc

by Tamara Leigh, Host of Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON show LIVE every Wed. at 10:00am (CST) on the Linked Local Network & Founder of Tamara Leigh, LLC, A Communications Expertise Company & JHilburn Style Consultant  Follow on twitter @tamaraleighllc

Are You That Guy? A Better Guide to Style

Veeral Rothad, Co-Founder JHilburn Custom Luxury Menswear

Veeral Rothad, Co-Founder JHilburn Custom Luxury Menswear

On Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON – Engaging Your Audience to TREND ON You! wi I had the honor of having as my guest, on 5/22/13, Veeral Rothad, Co-Founder of JHilburn Custom Luxury Menswear.  While talking fashion is definitely my love language, during the course of our conversation, I became even more enamored with man behind the shirts, suits and the incredibly impressive start-up.  Before I share the That Guy Style Guide portion of the show, I first have to write about the best take-away from my conversation with Veeral.

An unassuming visionary, Veeral, along with Hil Davis (that is, John Hilburn Davis IV, also Co-Founder), not only provided exceptional solutions to what they saw as the three problems within the menswear niche (more on that later), but in so doing, the two founders created an amazing corporate culture that makes JHilburn a highly desirable company to partner with for both clients (the male consumer and his female shopping counterpart) and Independent Style Consultants –JH’s sales force.

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The expertise, energy, and character of Veeral and Hil is woven into the fabric of JHIlburn’s culture as authentically as that of the finest wool from Italy’s Vitale Barberis Canonico mill (one of JHilburn’s suppliers).  With a predominantly female 2,500+ sales network (though the number of men signing on continues to increase), JHilburn clearly appreciates that women want and need viable means for generating income, building their own businesses, &/or adding a professional identity to their primary job as mom.

JHilburn gives the opportunity for all of these through their Independent Style Consultant and “Team Building” structure whereby the Independent Rep “owns” their JH business and builds a customer base, with individual flexibility and autonomy backed by a strong JH corporate support system.  Each Consultant also has the potential to earn additional income by bringing on more Style Consultants under them based on the multi-level marketing model.

“Our Stylists are the most important foundation for our business because they represent JHilburn in meeting directly with the customers,” Veeral said, “and that’s exciting for Hil and me to have consultants come on board and we can customize the experience for them… like our group of stay at home moms — they can only work flexible time and hours.”

Veeral and Hil, are obviously incredibly smart, savvy in business, and proudly passionate about their products and their people.  They’re really good guys who get it when it comes to women in the work world.  And that’s intentional.  As Veeral said, “At first I thought corporate culture happened organically,” but since starting JHilburn in 2007, he now realizes that building a positive environment and strong community must be deliberate.   As part of this investment, Jhilburn holds its annual conference in Las Vegas (this year on June 20-22, 2013) to train, motivate, provide product and technology updates, and celebrate the company’s continued success.

While Esquire Magazine named “J. Hilburn Best Dress Shirt” (and it is), JHilburn should also be recognized as one of the best companies to work with, especially for women.

The show is well worth a listen to just for the corporate culture aspect alone, however, it is also  filled with practical business and fashion info that I’ll cover in post, part 2.

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