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Thank you Zenni Optical! Since retirement hit our home, we are always searching for ways to save a few pennies. However, taking care of your eyes, and affording a decent set of frames isn’t always cost effective!  You have the Eye doctor appointment, dilating the eyes, and then picking out a set of frames that will be covered with the insurance, that you carry this year. This all adds up cost wise. Also, when you begin to pick out your frames, there is this feeling that you don’t have a lot of time to find what you really want in frames.  There are employees that will assist you, and tell you what they think looks good on you.  But, it all takes time, and a few of us often times will have buyers remorse about the frames we ordered. Frames can be SO expensive. If you need to have prescription sunglasses; that too also adds up the expense.

Have you noticed when you go out shopping that you’ll see so many interesting style of glasses, that others are wearing? After attending several events this past summer, there were several friends that were sporting some of the cutest styles of frames. After much inquiry, it was amazing to find that what they all had in common, was this internet company where you can order eye glass frames. Zenni Optical has become quite the place to shop for eye glass frames and also Sunglasses. Some of us can feel a bit intimidated when ordering something online, that you can’t try on. But, with Zenni Optical it’s quite easy.

What is nice, are all the frame styles. They even go so far as to give you an idea what shape your face is, and what type of glasses will look their best on you. You can spend hours on their sight checking out so many styles of frames. They guide you through all that you have to do, to find that special frame. These frames range in price from $9.00 on up. They have frames also to fit for children. One thing that you will have to know and even that isn’t a problem, is your PD. If your previous optician has that information, you’ll want to get that, besides also getting a copy of your prescription. But don’t worry about your PD. They will guide you through a step by step video on how to check for that.

When you get all that information, then go online to  Have a wonderful time acquainting yourself with their online store. You’ll be able to find out all sorts of information. Plus, you can take your time shopping. Be prepared to take a nice picture of yourself. Some say nice, because that picture can be used to try on several styles of frames. It really can be fun. There are a few that will take several days to make their choice of frame, or choices of several frames.

If it hadn’t been for a fluke of an accident; our house would’ve not ordered glasses online. In fact, as it happens 2 people in this house, ordered frames and lenses within a few days of one another. Scratch resistant lenses, smudge proof lenses! It’s all for a fraction of the cost if you bought your glasses and lenses through an optician.  The picture above shows what one of the styles were ordered at our home.

In this house there are 3 people that wear glasses on a regular basis. We also should be wearing prescription sunglasses. There are a few sunglass frames that have been used for a few years. Only the lenses have been changed. It has been asked if Zenni will just add new lenses to old frames.  That has yet to be determined.  Those designer frames can be hard to give up. Especially if you have held on to them for several years.  No harm in asking.

You’re encouraged to go online if you have a need for new glasses.  For all the bells and whistles that we purchased for our glasses and lenses. The entire cost for everything, including a nice pair of lenses. The lenses mean a lot.  Especially if you have problems with scratching and smudging.  If you added that all up at any store that advertises for glasses, you’ll pay well over $120.00, if not more. But for one pair that we ordered with everything and more, the entire bill came to only $72.00. You’ll see everything that they have available.  You’ll be totally amazed.

Don’t go retail any more for frames and lenses, when you can go online and get something that you will really enjoy.  Plus, you won’t be paying half as much as you would, especially if you have to order glasses, and sunglasses.  The price is so cost effective. Do check out ZenniOptical for yourself.  Spread the word to others.  You’ll love what you find, and you’ll also love that you haven’t had to pay so much to get what you really want.   Again, Thank you We are really enjoying our new glasses, in this house.

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