Ever felt like you are doing everything you should be doing but it’s still not working?

That might be what you feel right now. It’s something you’ve definitely felt before.

All those online training courses you purchased from the internet guru who promised that you would turn your life around by copying the path that he took don’t seem to be working as well as you saw advertised when you purchase them.

Success is complex.

How about that seminar you went to? At the time it seemed like you had it all figured out.

The speaker was giving you rock solid, guaranteed steps to make money, be happy, and live the life of your dreams. But now those guaranteed steps seem like complete fantasy.

And those books on your Kindle about success that you haven’t finished reading. That mastermind group you are a part of.

That coach you hired to help you take your game to the next level. That plan you created at the beginning of the year.

Success is hard.

Why isn’t it all working? Why aren’t you closer to where you want to be? Why do you feel stuck?

The hard truth about getting past the obstacle standing in your way is that success is more complex than just executing a series of steps.

Just because you’ve been successful in the past achieving a goal doesn’t mean you can do it all over again the exact same way sometime in the future.

Times change. So do people, technology, culture, and opportunity.

Success is demanding.

It’s painfully naive to buy into the notion that “success steps” work regardless of your environment.

You used to be able to make money selling newspapers door to door. Now people read their news on a mobile phone. That business model is dead.

The same is true for your independent bookstore, the milk delivery man, and countless other profitable business endeavors good that just don’t work anymore.

Those steps, that plan, that guru — you want to believe that they hold the secret to your success. That if you just do what they tell you to do, in the order that they did it, you’ll end up with enough money to put your problems behind you.

Success isn’t that simple.

But that’s not going to happen unless you’re one of those very few, extremely lucky people for whom everything automatically falls into place. In which case, you probably wouldn’t need the help in the first place.

Stop chasing steps and cultivate a winning philosophy.

Timeless principles of hard work, disciplined activity, giving more value than people pay for, and understanding the emotions that drive people to act the way that they do — these are the things that catapult you past your problems.

It takes time and you have to think for yourself instead of just copying someone else’s work. And you’ll find yourself executing steps you hadn’t considered before. Doing things you wouldn’t have imagined.

Success is messy.

It’s gritty and dirty, soaked in blood, sweat, and tears.

Anything easier is just a fantasy.

  1. Think for yourself.
  2. Develop good character.
  3. Refuse to make excuses when you fail.
  4. Never stop improving.

That’s the stuff that does work.

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