The hard thing about success is that it demands you do hard things.

You can not achieve greatness by simply doing what is easy.

It doesn’t work.

Which is why all the quick fixes and “guaranteed home runs” you’re trying to find are just a waste of your time.

There is no plan that you can repeat that’s guaranteed to get you where you want to be.

What has worked for someone else probably won’t work for you at all. And vice versa. 

Plans are dependent on resources like time, money, and environment –which aren’t easily replicated. 

You won’t find success looking for easy answers. All you will find are easy excuses for not being awesome.

If you want to find success, look first for hard things.

Scary, painful things.

What are the complex and emotionally uncomfortable challenges that everyone else around you is afraid to confront? What are you afraid to get started working on? 

In truth, you probably already have the answers. 

It’s that thing you haven’t started yet, but you’ve been talking about. It’s that scary thing you’ve been thinking about that you haven’t even had the courage to talk about yet.

These hard things take time. And results come slowly. 

Which is why it can seem like the best option is the easy answer with the fast results and guaranteed results. 

That’s not success. It’s just a sugar rush. 

What you learn from doing the hard things is that the results are so much sweeter and they last quite a bit longer. 

You keep winning for a long time. Which is why you need to get started on that hard thing now.

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