blushing smileEach year at Thanksgiving people state the things they are grateful for.  This can be a difficult thing for someone who is private.  It can also be a bit uncomfortable if you are a person who another person is thankful for and you are unaccustomed to hearing praise.  As I learned in a parenting class called Active Parenting, it takes courage to receive a compliment.  At some point in our lives we develop modestly, which is good, but we tend take it too far.

Did you know that when someone pays you a compliment all you really need to say is “Thank you”?  If you practice that, it will get easier.  You will find yourself denying the compliment less often.  You may be thinking that you never deny a compliment, that would be ridiculous.  But, you probably have.  Think about your response to a compliment.  Did it go something like the way Sally replies?

“I’m thankful for my wonderful neighbor Sally”  /  “Oh, I don’t do anything that anyone would not do too.”

“Sally, I like your new jeans.”                           /    “I had to go shopping, my old jeans were too snug.”

“Wow Sally, I see you got a new car!”             /   “It isn’t what I really wanted but it was in my price range.”

“Sally, great job on your report”                      /   “I could have done better if I had more time.”

These are all made up but similar to things I have heard people say and things I’ve said myself.  I still react when I am given a compliment that I don’t feel I deserve.  We are usually our own worst critics.  Others are kinder and with few exceptions they do mean what they say when they are giving compliments.  So, accept their compliment.  Don’t argue or you may be less likely to hear more compliments.  Say Thank You and if you can, smile too.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Grateful for many things every day,



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