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You not having enough options isn’t the reason why you’re not as successful as you want to be.

You have enough options to be awesome right now.

Having more money or working for a different boss, earning a higher degree or getting “certified” isn’t opening any more doors than you can open right now with a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of passion.

More options doesn’t mean automatic success.

Having more money doesn’t mean you are better prepared to fall in love. Earning a new certification doesn’t make you better qualified for a promotion. Moving to a new company doesn’t mean you’re not going to face the same challenges you face in your old one.

When you’re feeling discouraged it’s natural to look around at all the things you don’t have and wonder if what you’re missing is the antidote for what ails you.

It’s natural to feel that if you only had “more” that you would be closer to your dreams — that life wouldn’t be so tough for you.

That’s your brain telling lies to you.

Life is tough for everyone. It’s unfair, at times. Brutal. A daily grind.

The only thing you need more of is your will to win. If you want it bad enough you’ll find a way. No amount of certification or extra missing options can replace your will to rise above your own limitations to achieve success — in whatever ways you define that right now.

You being awesome starts with realizing that there are no automatics. There are no magic options that make the journey easy.

Stop looking outside for answers and start realizing that everything you need to be amazing is already bottled up inside you — ready to explode.

You’re already a winner. Start acting like it.

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