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There are many things in life you will only learn through experience. And the only way to get that experience is through hard work.

Not brains or degrees or mastermind groups or friends who have been there before. You have to do the work to get the experience.

Experience is measured first in quantity and then in quality.

Experience is first gained through the raw execution of your passion and energy. You putting in the time to execute the ideas and bold vision that you have for yourself.

That’s the beginning of experience.

As you make your way towards where you want to be you will get better through your wins and losses. The more self-aware you are, the faster you will be able to adapt.

You’ll see yourself winning more than losing.

But make no mistake, this experience that you are gaining is still through raw quantity of time, effort, and passion. That’s the first level of experience. You putting in the time.

At a certain point, experience is enhanced by quality effort. In other words, you know where you need to improve and focus your efforts, training, and personal betterment on those particular areas.

That self-awareness you’ve learned by smashing your head against the obstacles in your way day after day after day allows you target specific areas where you are most effective.

Some people might call this working smarter.

The dangerous mistake you might find yourself making is trying to work smart first.

In truth, you can’t skip over the suffering that hard work demands. You can’t avoid the intensity of not knowing what to do.

You can’t just jump right into being an expert from the start.

The hard truth about gaining experience is that you have to work for it.

So embrace hard work. Challenge yourself to do more today than you did yesterday.

Encourage the people around you to do their work.

And as you grow and improve and evolve, look for ways to be a better version of yourself.

You’re an artist. And your goal is your tapestry. Weaving something beautiful.

Put in the time to make sure every detail is something remarkable.

Do work.

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