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Joanne Telser-Frère

Joanne Telser-Frère

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Want to Ward off Dementia? Get your Hearing Tested.

Dementia is a growing worldwide concern. Did you know that worldwide, 35.6 million people have dementia and there are 7.7 million new cases every year?

However there are ways to ward off this dreadful demon.

Research Shows Link Between Hearing Loss & Dementia

In the Cognitive Fitness Training courses that I have been running at various retirement communities I have noticed a connection between hearing loss and cognitive impairment. If people can not hear what I am saying, they can not perform the exercises to improve their cognitive skills.  In the groups that I have taught I’ve noticed that people who can’t hear are very quiet and don’t participate as much. We know that social interaction is one of the keys to cognitive fitness, so loss of hearing is very isolating. When we take the time to make sure they can understand what to do in an exercise, they often perform amazingly well.

I was very excited to find out about the research that Dr. Linda Remensnyder, renowned audiologist, has been doing concerning the loss of hearing and the onset of dementia. On this program she will  discuss the implications of this new research. The first Doctor of Audiology in Illinois, she founded Hearing Associates , a private practice in Audiology in 1980. Today she is considered one of the top experts in the field. In 2011 she received the American Academy of Audiology’s Presidential Award for work on Hearing Loops. Recently she received Lake County Women’s Coalition Honors again for her work with Hearing Loops.

Dr. Linda Remensynder

Dr. Linda Remensnyder

Audiologists as Gatekeepers for Early Recognition of Dementia?

Dr Remensnyder will talk about her work as a professional colleague of  Dr Frank Lin at John Hopkins University. They have been exploring the link between hearing loss and dementia. We will talk about why she believes audiologists should be Gatekeepers and how they can help recognize the early signs of dementia.

Dementia or Hearing Loss? How to screen?

One of the issues in assessing dementia is addressing the problems of hearing loss. Dr. Remensnyder will share her insights into screening for dementia and how it can be improved for those who can’t hear the instructions.

What are Hearing Loops?

One of Dr. Remensnyder’s many accomplishments is her work concerning hearing loops, tune in to find out exactly what they are and how they are used!

How can you stay mentally young and alert as the years go by? What can you do to keep the mind/body connections alive and strong?

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