Today on Straight talk with Carly Alyssa Thorne we will be talking about Finances with The Money Coach – Kathi Bridge

Kathi Bridge

Kathi is a mentor with The Power of Mentorship to help people reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams. Programs include Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp, Becoming a Certified Mentor, and The Power Of Mentorship Book Series.

She is also a money coach who loves to empower people to take control of their finances and teach specific strategies for money success.

When she isn’t busy helping people with their money and careers, Kathi can be found skiing on the slopes at Whistler BC where she has recently moved to fulfill her own personal dream!

Kathi is excited to be part of the amazing movie “Predictable Wealth” coming out in December 2014. You can check out the preview at

Kathi Latest Book “The Money Coach” and part of this amazing program you must check out “The Power of Mentorship” to find out more about this program visit:

Power Of Mentorship - The Money Coach by Kathi Bridge

Power Of Mentorship – The Money Coach by Kathi Bridge

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