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It is not an accident if you find yourself constantly nervous and frustrated. And it’s not a coincidence if you wake up tired but inspired. 

Motivation is a pretty simple formula. What you put into your mind fuels the direction of your life. 

If you spend your time listening to frantic, worrisome political news, you will find yourself frantic and worried. 

If you devote a portion of your day to new ideas from your favorite author, you’ll see hope and opportunity — in spite of how your current day is unfolding. 

What goes into your eyeballs is the movie your soul plays.

What goes into your ears is the soundtrack of your conquest. 

Which is why it matters that you surround yourself with people who push you into doing things that make you better. 

It matters that you avoid negative, angry people. You are absorbing their attitudes and adopting their outlook on the world around you. 

Fear breeds more fear. Panic and rage breed panic and rage. You lose your motivation or find it based on the people you let influence you. 

You get to choose what you think about.

You get to choose what you achieve. You get to choose who you love and how much money you make. 

Just don’t think that those results are an accident. 

Don’t make the mistake of believing that it doesn’t matter what you think about along the way. 

You won’t rise higher than what you observe and absorb. 

Every thought matters. Every conversation matters. Every friend matters. 

Protect what you allow inside your mind. 

Success isn’t an accident. Greatness is a choice. Focus is a habit.

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