Never bet against the individual who has everything to lose.

That person who is so possessed with a sense of purpose and destiny that he or she is willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to achieve their desired outcome.

That’s the person you don’t mess with.

They’re not just talking about what they’re going to do. They’re doing it.

They aren’t bothered by your disbelief or by your criticism.

People with everything to lose don’t lose sleep because you don’t believe in them or because you think that what they’re trying to do is impossible.

They just do it. They try.

They make mistakes and end up looking foolish from time to time, but they never lose track of what’s most important.

They keep their eyes focused on the prize at the end of the sweat and toil and agony that they are exerting right now.

While you spend time wondering what other people are going to think about you, they are heads down in a religious pursuit of their destiny.

It’s magnificent to see. Awe-inspiring to behold.

And the greatest miracle of all is that you can be one of those people yourself.

The only thing that separates them from you is it they have everything to lose.

And you don’t seem like you care about your future nearly as much as you should.

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