The path to better outcomes begins with making better choices. Not big choices. Not life-changing decisions. The small stuff.

Choices like when you get out of bed and what fuel you put inside your body. The decision to learn something new or to waste your free time because “you deserve it”.

What you earn is a result of what you do. What you do is decided by the choices you make.

Better results are really just a matter of you making better choices.

Which is fairly obvious to see but difficult to change when your emotions are involved.

  • Revenge feels better than forgiveness. At least at first.
  • Entertainment feels better than work. Until you’re tired of being broke.
  • Doing whatever you want whenever you want feels better than living a disciplined life. Until you reap the negative consequences.

The tiny decisions you make today become the building blocks of your life. And if you’re not careful, you’ll end up with an unsafe foundation for launching towards success.

You’ll leave holes and weak spots where you need strength and leverage most.

You get to control all of this. Every choice is yours to make.

Every new decision is an opportunity for you to move closer to where you want to be.

It doesn’t need to be anything life-changing. In fact, the best decisions aren’t all that noticeable.

It’s you knowing where you want to go and making small tweaks to make sure your dream stays alive.

You won’t get a chance to mess up the big stuff if you aren’t already mastering the small stuff.

That’s the power of small choices.

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