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Nothing works if you don’t work.

Your education doesn’t work. Your self marketing and social media engagement doesn’t work.

Your big ideas and grand ambition — they don’t work unless you’re willing to work.

You have to work at it. Maniacally.

Not just go to the motions. Not just check finished tasks off a check list. Not just being busy.

Achieving success demands putting in lots of effort.

The more you want for yourself and the bigger the challenges you face right now the more hard work you’re going to have to invest.

Exponential effort.

Not more. Massively more.

It’s time to get your expectations back in line with reality.

Just because you’re awake 16 hours a day doesn’t mean you’re doing things that matter. Just because you’re in your office 8 hours a day doesn’t mean you’re putting enough effort to be successful.

It’s time to re-examine your relationship with success.

The real question isn’t how much you want to be successful but how hard you’re willing to work until you get there.

This is a discussion about quantity of effort. Not quality.

Hard work. Not smart work.

The truth about you being successful is that you don’t know smart work from dumb work right now. You don’t.

Sure you have gurus and experts telling you what they think you should be doing, but they don’t really know. And neither do you.

So don’t waste your time agonizing over silly decisions about the smartest way to use your time.

The smartest way to use your time is always by working hard.

That’s it. Hard work.

Sweat, blood, and tears.

You’ll figure out how to work smarter later — after you’ve put in enough effort. Right now, your mission is to fortify your soul for the brutal effort that’s success demands.

If your life isn’t working out the way you want it to be, you’re not working hard enough. Or for long enough.

If you want it bad enough, you’ll do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.

You need to remind yourself of that every day. Then roll up your sleeves and get back to work.

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