Giving up is an attitude long before it’s an action.

You think about quitting long before you actually do it.

What you allow yourself to think about is your choice.

Giving up is the result of you not making the right decision about what you allow yourself to think about.

That’s the uncomfortable fact about failure. You make the decision to fail.

You could make a different decision.

You could decide to vigilantly guard your passion and dreams by blocking negativity as you find it in your thoughts.

Instead, you decide to “consider your options.”

And most often those options are the negative slime that poison your hope and convince you that giving up is the best option.

Which is why the most powerful activity you can do is to control what you allow inside your mind.

When things get tough and you find yourself starting to rationalize giving up, remind yourself of why you started down this road in the first place.

Go back to the time when you desperately wanted to get across that finish line.

Remind yourself that big goals require tough people. This isn’t supposed to be easy.

You control the outcomes in your life.

Right now, you are deciding how successful you end up being down the road.

This moment. The thoughts in your head right now. This is the time when winners are made or conquests are lost.

Make the right decision about what you allow yourself to think about.

Choose to fight. Choose to win. Don’t give up.

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