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There isn’t room for everything. 

There’s not enough space in your life for both negativity and inspiration. They won’t fit. You have to choose one or the other. 

You have to choose between bitterness and acceptance. You have to choose between believing the best in others or assuming the worst. 

You can’t do both at the same time. 

You don’t have room for both compassion and conflict.

More importantly,  your choice has a significant impact on your results and lifestyle and destiny. 

Your results show your choices. They tell the real story of your life. What you’re thinking about. What you believe. What you choose to value.

Which is why it matters that you do whatever it takes to avoid negativity. To push it out of your life. To stay away from those who wish to bring it closer to you.

There is excitement and adrenaline in being angry and hateful and bitter. There is adrenaline in talking down to others so that you feel better about yourself.

But once the emotion is gone, you’re left empty — emptier than when you started.

It’s a drug. You don’t control it. It controls you.

You can’t handle it in small quantities or walk away from it unscathed.

Your future depends upon your ability to stay inspired. Your results determine your lifestyle.

You’re not just sacrificing happiness by choosing to be around negative people. You’re sacrificing wealth and beautiful experiences.

What a horrible choice. Inconceivable. But all-too-common if you’re not careful.

Protect your motivation like the treasure it is. Safeguard your inspiration and positive perspective. Fight to keep your beliefs alive.

It’s the small things that trip you up. The unfocused rage. The debilitating negativity. Friends who care more about drama than about you being successful.

There isn’t room for everything. You have to make a choice. Either keep hope alive or let it die under the burden of other people’s negativity.

Make room for inspiration.

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