It’s easy to assume that because you see something a certain way, that everyone else around you should see it that way as well.  Your perspective can be deceiving.

Make no mistake, your view on the world is absolutely correct. For you.

How you interpret the world around you is a result of your life experience and your current environment.

But how you perceive reality isn’t how everyone else perceives reality. Even for those who live in the same environment.

That’s the deceiving part.

Your automatic assumption–your subconscious–is that how you see reality is the only way to see reality. That what you see and think and believe is the only correct way to see and think and believe.

That anyone who disagrees with you is self-serving, selfish, or just an idiot.

In truth, they’re just living out their perception. Based on their experience and environment.

It’s a different worldview than yours. A view that automatically guarantees that what they see and feel and interpret is different than yours.

Even though what is happening is universal.

Everyone has a different interpretation. A different perspective. A different meaning.

Here’s what’s even scarier. Both of you are acting in the best possible way given your perspective. You both think your right. Even though you feel like you’re the only one who is right.

You will limit your ability to be successful by making conclusions based on just your perspective of the world.

Just being aware that another person has a reality of their own will help you be more effective.

You’ll be a more powerful champion of your message.

More believable. More impactful. You will achieve better results.

Which is what you want. You just can’t understand why they don’t see it like you do.

It’s because your perspective isn’t obvious. To them. And it won’t be unless you’re willing to take the time to get to know them and understand their view of the world.

And then communicate how your perspective helps them get closer to where they want to be.

Remember that. They aren’t idiots because they don’t see it like you. They’re just like you. Except completely different. Don’t forget that.

You’ll make more money, be happier, and be able to rally more people to your cause — when you understand that each person sees life a little bit differently.

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