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Thirst isn’t an accident. It’s a result.

A condition. A state of mind and body and soul.

You are thirsty because you haven’t had enough water.

Your body is screaming out for attention.

Maybe you’re thirsty because you’ve been exercising and haven’t had a chance to re-hydrate yet.

Maybe you’re thirsty because it’s been a long day and you’ve only consumed coffee and soda — and your body is demanding more of the real thing.

Maybe you were thirsty because it’s morning and that’s when you’re used to drinking water.

It doesn’t really matter whether you created the thirst or allowed the thirst to happen.

Thirsty is thirsty.

You need it. You want it. It is all-consuming the longer you wait.

And while it’s easy to understand the bio-mechanics of hydration for the human body, it becomes unnecessarily confusing when the discussion turns to success and getting to where you want to be.

If your whole being isn’t screaming out in rabid desire for something more, then you’re never going to be as successful as you want to be.

That thirst. That desire. That urgency. That desperation.

It has to be in your life — one way or another.

You either have to deliberately create thirst for yourself or let life deliver it at the worst time in the worst possible ways.

You have to be conscious (and deliberate) about staying inspired and focused or you are in for a rude awakening when life demands it from you when you’re least prepared.

Deny yourself the luxury of the status quo.

Make tough choices.

Stop yourself when you make excuses to avoid doing the hard things.

Set the bar higher then you could ever imagine possible for yourself.

Meditate on where you want to be. Obsess about getting there. Work like a maniac every moment possible.

Stay thirsty for possibility.

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