No one expected March to be so cold and snowy.  This dreadful winter has both united and stressed us.  We agree that we’ve had enough and want this winter to be behind us, but some of us (no finger pointing) are getting a bit edgy.  We are tired of hunkering down, done being good sports and tired of layering out clothes.

As a dog walker, I am outside quite a bit.  When it is bitter cold outside we don’t go for long walks.  I am very mindful of how the cold affects the dogs so go out long enough for them to take care of business then return to the comfort of the indoors.  I am also painfully aware of the affect the cold has on me.   Sure, I layer up but nevertheless my skin is dry, my joints ache more than usual and it takes extra time to dress.  My boots are warm but my feet miss the comfort and support of my athletic shoes.  I walk slower and careful but still have been surprised by some black ice, bumpy sidewalks and an occasional dog pull at the wrong time.  Consequently, I’ve landed on my butt a few times.  Other times I’ve flailed my arms back and caught myself only to have shoulder or back stiffness the next day.

Before you think this is a pity party, let me assure you it isn’t.  Partially it is a justification for not blogging but mostly it is reflecting on dealing with life.  I have not enjoyed this extreme winter but for me, this is as bad as it gets.  By counting my blessings, I can deal with this.  I know that spring will come.  Meanwhile I have a comfortable home, a phenomenal husband, many friends, a job I enjoy (+ good at and appreciated) and good health.

One of my favorite things to do in winter is sewing because I’m inside and frequently using a steam iron (sew, press, sew, press).  I’ve always liked ironing.  I find it very satisfying and there is a sense of instant gratification.  This winter I’ve made several quilt tops.  When finished, some of these will be gifts and some will go to charity.  Although quietly hunkering down, I’ve not lost sight of my goals to help non-profit organizations.


All the Best,


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