image1401906286 Three Tips for Writing Tweetable Blog Posts

You’ve just published your newest blog post. You open up Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites you use (you do promote your posts after writing them, right?) and start sharing it. There you go! You’ve reached out to your existing audience.
That’s great and all, but your goal as a blogger is growth, isn’t it? You want to be reaching out to find more readers – new readers that haven’t seen your blog before. To do that you need other people to share your content – either because they landed on your page through Google or because they saw you tweet about it.
I’m writing this with Twitter in mind but these tips will help with all types of social media.

1. Write content that is either evergreen or extremely timely – You don’t want to be sitting in the middle here. The stuff that gets the most tweets is either very current/new or information that is always going to be relevant. For an example, if you run a blog about fitness you’re going to be talking about all of the standard workouts. You’ll be writing about free weights, running… the type of things people look for all the time and will want information on for years to come. People will share it if it’s good information. Say you’re watching the news and you hear about a celebrity coming out with a new workout or some serious injuries caused by a workout that’s been popular lately. These are current and timely topics that people are going to share to help get the word out.

2. Make your content easily digestible and engaging – People are more likely to tweet a post that’s full of useful an easy to digest information. That means break the content up by putting it into a list post (like this on), using images and subheadings, and using casual language so readers don’t feel like they’re stumbling over words. No one wants to direct their followers to a bland block of text so take the time to write something they’ll be happy to say, “This is worth reading!”

3. ASK! –  Use a call-to-action. If you watch YouTube videos I’m sure at the end you hear people asking you to subscribe to their channel. Do you ever wonder why so many of them do it? It works! Sometimes people need to be reminded to do it.

Some ways you could ask are:

  • “If you agree hit the tweet button!”
  • “Do you know someone this could help? Hit the share button and let them know!”
  • “Help me get the word out by clicking the tweet button below.”

Every blog post you write should have a call to action directing readers to do something whether it is click a link, leave a comment, or hit that tweet button. Are you ready to get out there and start getting those tweets and building that audience? As you write try to think about the things you retweet and share. What makes a post worth sharing with your audience to you?

Bio:  Amanda Thomas is a blogging enthusiast and Kindle author who believes that like as a blogger is meant to be an adventure. She invites you to follow along and learn from her triumphs and failures over on

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